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Tomorrow’s Technology

TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd manufactures the TAC formwork (building) system. The system is a 100% home-grown building technology that has been designed to suit Malaysian as well as Asian building industry.

It consists of aluminium panels which are pre-designed according to the architectural plans to form all the concrete found in the building superstructure, i.e. the walls (external and internal), floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window hoods, curved sections and other intricate decorative features. Unlike other existing systems, the TAC System is flexible, lightweight and suits all building types without the need to rely on heavy cranes and other heavy construction plant and equipment.

Normally one “set” of TAC equipment for a typical project/building would consist of several thousand individual pieces of aluminium sections which will be connected together and produce a “mould” for concrete pouring to cast the various structural components of the building. The equipment will then be dismantled and used repetitively for up to 250 repeats.

With its lightweight and a highly efficient work schedule, a TAC formwork system can construct a building at the rate of 4 to 5 days per floor as compared to 10 to 15 days per floor for conventional systems.

Traditionally, timber and plywood are used for formwork fabrication for the construction of concrete structures. It is still the most widely used medium as it is the most versatile since they can form the most intricate shapes and forms of the structures. However, it needs many skilled and unskilled workers besides being very time consuming. In today’s competitive market, speed and efficiency is of primary importance.

In view of this, many various construction systems have been introduced over the years such as the “Tunnel” formwork system, the “Grace” formworks system and the “Table” formwork used by various parties. However, all these systems are not “complete” systems in that they are able to form only parts of the building structures such as the wall or lift core, etc.

The TAC System was introduced into the market about ten (10) years ago and has been successful in gaining market acceptance from the local and overseas construction industry. Among the key success factors of this system are:-

Production Technology

Aluminium System Formwork

TAC System Formwork consists of aluminium panels and components.

– a lightweight hand-held aluminium shuttering system
– a mass production technique
– employs the latest CAD facilities in designing
– uses structural-grade aluminium alloy
– environmentally friendly
– adaptable, flexible, accurate and fast
– cost effective for up to 250 repeats of a “typical layout”