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TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd manufactures the TAC formwork (building) system. The system is a 100% home-grown building technology that has been designed to suit Malaysian as well as Asian building industry.

It consists of aluminium panels which are pre-designed according to the architectural plans to form all the concrete found in the building superstructure, i.e. the walls (external and internal), floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window hoods, curved sections and other intricate decorative features. Unlike other existing systems, the TAC System is flexible, lightweight and suits all building types without the need to rely on heavy cranes and other heavy construction plant and equipment.

Normally one “set” of TAC equipment for a typical project/building would consist of several thousand individual pieces of aluminium sections which will be connected together and produce a “mould” for concrete pouring to cast the various structural components of the building. The equipment will then be dismantled and used repetitively for up to 250 repeats.

With its lightweight and a highly efficient work schedule, a TAC formwork system can construct a building at the rate of 4 to 5 days per floor as compared to 10 to 15 days per floor for conventional systems.


The Design
Besides marketing the TAC System themselves, TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd has several dealers and specialist contractors to execute the jobs/contracts secured using the system. Most of the building jobs secured is through negotiation rather than through the usual process of tender. The superstructure of any building development is the most important and all other works such as electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. will have to be coordinated together. As such, TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd together with the dealers/contractors, will work with the architects and the structural engineers at the early stage of planning for the construction. Once a contract has been secured, confirmed drawings of the project will be sent to TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd for the design and creation of the formwork set which usually consists of thousands of individual pieces of metal panels.

As the design stage which involved computer-aided designing (CAD) is a very intricate process, TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd will have to liaise with all the parties involved to ensure all discrepancies are resolved and each of the components panels will form together to create the required building shape.

The Manufacturing Process
TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd’s factory is located at Lot 764 ( A 10,A 11 & 12 ) Jalan Subang 4, Taman Industri, Sungei Penaga, USJ 1 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Manpower in the factory, which includes staff and workers, consist of about 50 people. The manufacturing of the formwork equipment is basically sheet metal working and aluminium welding. Raw materials used include extruded aluminium alloy and rolled aluminium sheets.
The manufactured products are known as components which are of different shapes and sizes. Each set of TAC System equipment has a combination of various components in various quantities. Generally about 80% of these components are “standards” that can be used for more the one project and the remaining 20% are “specials” which are designed very specifically for a particular structure. The latter generally cannot be re-used and have to be sold as scraps or in some instances sent back to TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd to be re-fabricated.

The lead time between the receipt of the drawings and arrival of equipment to the site is normally about 14-16 weeks.

The Field Application
With the equipment at site, a site manager/engineer will coordinate with 3 to 5 supervisors/foremen and a crew, varying in number, depending on the size of the project which can range from 20 to more than 100 workmen to construct the building complete with all internal and external walls, stairs, lift shafts, balconies, sun hoods, etc. at the rate about 4 days per storey.
Detailed field working drawings are supplied by the design office to facilitate easy use equipment at job sites. In the case of exports to overseas, TAC System Formwork Sdn Bhd will undertake to send trained technicians to help the buyers to fix and used the equipment.