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TAC System Formwork allows low rise buildings to be built. These tasks follow a logical sequence for Single Storey Houses:


TAC System Formwork allows high rise buildings to be built at a rate of one complete floor every 4 days (or six floors a month); everything including:

  • all walls and slabs of every apartment (internal & external)
  • the liftshafts
  • the stairwells And stairs
  • all balconies
  • any parapets

How can such an extraordinary rate of production be consistently achieved?
The answer is “CYCLING”:

  • Divide the typical floor into 4 work zones;
  • Divide the work into 4 tasks for 4 work teams;
  • Each team works in a different zone & simply carries out the same task every day;
  • Size the teams so that all members are fully occupied every day;
  • Every 4 days a work cycle is completed and a new floor built.

Structural work on site divides into four main tasks:

  • Erect and strike vertical forms (walls & column forms)
  • Erect and strike horizontal forms (slabs)
  • Install deck steel and M&E ducting
  • Pour the concrete

These tasks follow a logical sequence. Each task is performed by a separate team which specializes in that task.

A simplistic example:
Assume a restangle building; divide floor into four work zones.